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Butyric Acid (C4), Caproic Acid (C6) & Derivatives


Use Case

In humans and animals, postbiotics such as butyric acid (and related derivatives) have benefits that support good gut-health and the creation of beneficial microbes in the gut.

Industry Problem

Butyric acid is sourced almost exclusively from petrochemicals. The desire for clean label inputs for consumer-facing products, plus aggressive sustainability goals across many industrial sectors, is creating a growing need for natural solutions.  

BioVeritas Solution

BioVeritas’ innovative fermentation process creates the only upcycling-based clean-label butyric in North America. 


Industry-leading efficacy, quality, and cost competitiveness for innovative companies seeking natural solutions for human & animal health and industrial materials. 


Human & Animal Health by the Numbers

150 Kta





Better for Manufacturers, Better for the Planet.

Upcycling excess biomass into clean-label ingredients through a fermentation process approved by Mother Nature.​

Process Icon.png

Most Natural Process

Process most closely matches Mother Nature’s anaerobic digestion process – but without methane emissions.

Bio Based Icon.png


Naturally occurring mixed culture fermentation with no petrochemicals. Products are fully vegetarian.

Sustainable Icon.png

Most Sustainable

Uses renewable raw materials (highly flexible biomass feedstock)​ and intends to produce net zero emissions.

Industry Leading Icon.png

Industry Leading Products

High quality​

High efficacy​

Highly flexible range of products.


  • What does BioVeritas do?
    BioVeritas upcycles excess biomass, like broken pasta, into clean label ingredients for the food preservation, animal & human nutrition, and industrial materials markets.
  • What does “Mother Nature Approved” mean?
    BioVeritas pioneered a proprietary fermentation process, based on anaerobic digestion, that most closely matches what happens in nature, such as in a cow’s digestive system. In fact, our process has one big advantage over Mother Nature: our process does not release methane, a key greenhouse gas.
  • Who are BioVeritas’ financial backers?
    BioVeritas was acquired in 2021 by Ara Partners, a private equity firm focused on decarbonizing the global economy. With their financial backing, we are investing aggressively in scale up for our new plant, marketing, business development, and organizational capacity (systems/processes/tools, e.g. Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Where is BioVeritas in terms of commercialization?
    We have a market development unit operating in Bryan, Texas and we are actively planning for a commercial scale facility, with commissioning expected in 2025.
  • Are samples available?
    Yes! Please contact us on to discuss sampling.
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