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Mother Nature Approved.


BioVeritas is a revolutionary clean ingredients, bio-based chemicals, and fuels company pioneering a proprietary upcycling process inspired by Mother Nature.


BioVeritas harnesses the power of fermentation to upcycle excess biomass into sustainable inputs and products for everyday life.

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We will deploy The BioVeritas Process™ at scale in a disciplined, stepping-stone approach.   

We’re starting with food & feed ingredients, and then will expand to specialty chemicals and sustainable fuels.  

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Why BioVeritas


Better for consumers. Better for manufacturers. Better for the planet.


At BioVeritas, we strive to make more than just incremental improvements to what already exists. We seek not to improve the status quo, but to displace it with more sustainable solutions. Our BioVeritas Process™ represents a true functional drop-in replacement for existing technology. Our team puts people – from customers to investors to fellow employees – first, always. With this at our core, we are quickly moving forward to make clean ingredients and bio-based chemicals mainstream by eliminating the tradeoffs inherent in the clean products available today.


By turning feedstocks of little to no value into products of high value, we’re not just changing the game – we’re changing the world.  


Mother Nature Inspired  

Our process is based on fermentation as originally designed by Mother Nature  but at commercial scale. 


Truly Sustainable 

Our process uses low-value, excess biomass as a raw material to produce high-value outputs. 


No Trade-Offs

Our process creates products that help to sustain our planet, without compromising quality​ or efficacy. 


US Manufacturing Leader

Our novel manufacturing will launch in the US with plans to expand globally.

Executive Team

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Leadership Team

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  • What does BioVeritas do?
    BioVeritas upcycles excess biomass through fermentation into clean ingredients and bio-based chemicals for a range of markets.
  • What does “Mother Nature Approved” mean?
    BioVeritas has pioneered a proprietary fermentation process, based on mixed culture fermentation, that closely matches what happens in nature, such as in a cow's digestive system. However, unlike Mother Nature, our process releases little to no methane emissions.
  • Who are BioVeritas’ financial backers?
    BioVeritas was acquired in 2021 by Ara Partners, a private equity firm focused on decarbonizing the global economy. With their financial backing, we are investing aggressively in scale up for our new plant, marketing, business development, and organizational capacity (systems/processes/tools, e.g. Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Where is BioVeritas in terms of commercialization?
    We have a market development unit operating in Bryan, Texas and we are actively planning for a commercial scale facility, with commissioning expected in 2027.
  • Are samples available?
    Yes! Please contact us on to discuss sampling.
  • What specific products do you produce?
    Our fermentation process yields primarily acetic, propionic, butyric, valeric and caproic acids - and smaller quantities of heptanoic and caprylic acid. We can sell the acids themselves, or as salts (e.g. sodium, potassium or calcium) alcohols, di-acids, esters, aldehydes, or fuels.
  • What feedstocks have you tested?
    We have tested 30+ feedstocks, including: alfalfa, white office paper, sugarcane bagasse, pineapple waste, corn stover/stillage, rice straw, poplar molasses, sorghum stalks, sugar beet pulp, micro-algae, wood molasses, orange peels, inedible bakery residuals, and palm oil mill effluent.
  • Which microorganisms are your fermentation agents?
    Our fermentation is a self-regulating ecosystem of naturally occurring microorganisms.
  • What is your regulatory status?
    In the US, For human food, we are pursuing self-affirmed GRAS with expert panel. For animal food/feed, we are currently assessing the regulatory environment. Outside the US (specifically Canada and the EU), we are currently assessing the regulatory environment.
  • Have you completed a Life Cycle Assessment?
    We have performed an initial screening LCA that indicates low carbon emissions and will be performing a more thorough LCA in the coming months.

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