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Ingredients. Mother Nature Approved.


BioVeritas is the leading bio-based ingredients company pioneering a proprietary upcycling process that closely matches Mother Nature.


Nearly 30% of food produced in the world is discarded.  This ending point is BioVeritas’ starting point. 

We upcycle underutilized and excess biomass from food processing into clean-label ingredients through a fermentation process that closely mirrors Mother Nature. We do this to create a world where the ingredients of tomorrow are produced naturally -- with net zero emissions and without petrochemicals.​

This image shows percentages of food discarded by country across the world. Average is 30%.

This journey began nearly thirty years ago, at Texas A&M University, before the word “upcycling” had ever entered the mainstream. Originally targeted at creating biofuels, the technology was improved and expanded over the next several decades.



By the early 2010s, the technology became focused primarily on the ingredients space. 


In 2018 a market development unit opened in Bryan, Texas, enabling the production of highly pure acids derived from multiple feedstocks.


Ara Partners, a leader in the push to decarbonize the global economy, acquired BioVeritas in 2021, with the intent of scaling up and commercializing BioVeritas' unique-to-the-world ingredients.

With Ara Partner's support, BioVeritas is scaling up its market development unit and preparing for a  commercial-scale facility, which is expected to be commissioned in 2025.


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Ingredients. Mother Nature Approved.

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"We will help decarbonize the global human & animal health industries and industrial materials spaces by delivering on a single promise -- to create a world where short- and medium-chain fatty acids are produced naturally with net zero emissions and without petrochemicals.​"

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