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Animal Health - Production

BioVeritas’ SCFAs, sourced from excess biomass rather than carbon-intensive petrochemicals, supplement those produced natively in the animal. SCFAs elicit many of the same production-efficiency benefits as antibiotics and can be a beneficial replacement for these restricted products, in addition to improving growth performance and animal health.  

Industry Problem

Livestock producers are seeking to drive down financial and environmental costs by increasing production efficiency. At the same time, the use of antibiotics - historically promoters of production efficiency - is being restricted because of antibiotic resistance and its effects on both production animal and consumer health.  

Use Case

Short chain fatty acids are produced by the good bacteria of the gut and are the main source of energy for the gastrointestinal tract. These SCFAs generally have positive effects on pathogen control, inflammation reduction, growth performance, and gut development.   

Market Insights


“After climate change, antibiotic resistance is the second biggest public health problem we’ll be facing in the next 50 years, because few new antibiotics are coming online and resistance is increasing,” Casey said. “Anything we can do that reduces resistance is really exciting.”

source: DEOHS, Feb 2023


Scientists believe that 90% of diseases can be traced back to gut health and the microbiome.

source: Alltech


Currently, the livestock sector emits an estimated 7.1 GT of CO2-equivalent per year, representing 14.5% of human-induced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

source: World Bank Group, 2022
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Relevant Acids

We produce a range of bio-based organic acids and these benefit the animal health market.


Why BioVeritas


Better for consumers. Better for manufacturers. Better for the planet.


At BioVeritas, we strive to make more than just incremental improvements to what already exists. We seek not to improve the status quo, but to displace it with more sustainable solutions. Our BioVeritas Process™ represents a true functional drop-in replacement for existing technology. Our team puts people – from customers to investors to fellow employees – first, always. With this at our core, we are quickly moving forward to make clean ingredients and bio-based chemicals mainstream by eliminating the tradeoffs inherent in the clean products available today.


By turning feedstocks of little to no value into products of high value, we’re not just changing the game – we’re changing the world.


Mother Nature Inspired  

Our process is based on fermentation as originally designed by Mother Nature -- but at commercial scale. 


Truly Sustainable 

Our process uses low-value, excess biomass as a raw material to produce high-value outputs. 


No Trade-Offs

Our process creates products that help to sustain our planet, without compromising quality​ or efficacy. 


US Manufacturing Leader

Our novel manufacturing will launch in the US with plans to expand globally.


"We are creating clean ingredients and bio-based chemicals for a wide range of markets through our leading, proprietary upcycling process. The food industry is our starting point.  

Our ingredients offer the same efficacy and performance as the petrochemical-based ingredients. The same great taste that consumers already love. And we do it all focusing on the sustainability of our planet. 

We are excited to do our part in advancing humanity towards a new, more sustainable future."

                                                                                      - David Austgen, CEO

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