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New BioVeritas facility to produce food-grade samples

BioVeritas, LLC on Aug. 22 plans to cut the ribbon on its 4,200-square-foot production and packaging facility dedicated to food-grade customer samples. The facility, an addition to BioVeritas’ market demonstration unit in Bryan, extends the company’s overall footprint to 32,200 square feet.

The new facility will consist of four separate function rooms: a scrub-in and gowning room, a process room where individual acid cuts will be converted into sodium or calcium salts, a product drying room where salts of the acids will be converted into powder form, and a packaging room. The BioVeritas products are drop-in replacements for certain traditional petrochemicals used as food ingredients. In one example, clean label mold inhibitors from BioVeritas may be used in baked foods or animal feed.

BioVeritas is a portfolio company of Ara Partners, a private equity firm specializing in industrial carbonization investments.

“Having reached food-safe production capability, BioVeritas is set to become one of the leading players in the clean label movement,” said Stephen Toon, chief operations officer of BioVeritas. “Our recent third-party shelf-life study showed that our cultured mold inhibitor proved to be just as effective as its petrochemical counterpart in tortillas and 30% more effective than a leading clean label ingredient in both bread and tortillas without impacting the sensory profile of the finished product.”

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