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1 to 1 replacement for calcium propionate

BioVeritas’ clean label mold inhibitor is the next generation of natural mold inhibition. It is created by upcycling excess biomass through fermentation, mirroring Mother Nature, and delivers the same efficacy as the petrochemical incumbent, the same great taste consumers already love, and the sustainability our planet needs.


The BioVeritas product has proven success in baked goods, like bread loaves and tortillas, where it extends the shelf life of the finished product without introducing off-flavors. As such, it is operationally a 1:1 drop-in replacement for calcium propionate, providing a clean label solution for innovative food companies.


  • Calcium Propionate Equivalent Efficacy

  • Neutral Sensory 

  • Consumer-Friendly Name 

  • Competitive Price 


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  • Bio-Based 

  • Upcycled  

  • Allergen Free 

  • Made in the USA 

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Pareen Shah, CCO

“One of the greatest hurdles faced by food manufacturers for moving to a clean label is the complexity of re-formulating their long-standing recipes to maintain the qualities of the incumbent,” stated Pareen Shah, chief commercial officer of BioVeritas. “With our cultured mold inhibitor, it’s just a simple switch. Take, for example, bread baked with 0.5% calcium propionate; a baker could substitute with 0.5% BioVeritas’ product and expect to maintain the same shelf life and the sensory profile of their tried-and-true bread. And they’re able to do all this while delivering to consumers a non-petrochemical, clean label experience. It’s literally a win-win for manufacturers and the end customer.”​

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