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BioVeritas Showcases Positive Results from Bread and Tortilla Mold Inhibitor Efficacy Study

Company’s truly clean ingredients match petrochemical-derived efficacy and outperform leading clean competitor

BRYAN, TX, -- March 13, 2023 -- BioVeritas, an innovative bio-based ingredient company pioneering a leading upcycling process for the clean-label movement, today announced the results of a recent third-party efficacy study of their non-petrochemical mold inhibitor for bread and tortillas. The small sample size study shows positive preliminary results against both traditionally produced calcium propionate derived from petrochemicals and against a leading competitor in the clean-label market.

In this recent preliminary study, BioVeritas’ clean-label mold inhibitor created through The BioVeritas Process™ -- a proprietary method for turning excess and unused food into clean-label ingredients -- went head-to-head with petrochemical-derived calcium propionate and another clean-label competitor. When compared to a leading clean-label competitor, the BioVeritas cultured extract extended shelf life an average of nearly 30% in both bread loaves and tortillas, a potentially game-changing level of efficacy for manufacturers. Compared to the petrochemical incumbent, BioVeritas’ cultured extract displayed equivalent efficacy in tortillas while providing manufacturers with the clean-label ingredients demanded by today’s consumers.

“An effective replacement for petrochemical ingredients must deliver both a true clean label experience for the consumer and high efficacy for the producer” stated David Austgen, chief executive officer of BioVeritas. "Our mold inhibitor will be a leading clean-label solution that does both, delivering on the clean-label promise for both consumers and manufacturers.”

The study was performed by Great Plains Analytical Laboratory and the report is available upon request by emailing

Samples of BioVeritas' full range of clean organic acids, including its clean-label mold inhibitor, are available now. For more information on BioVeritas’ solutions, visit


About BioVeritas

BioVeritas, headquartered in Bryan, Texas, is a bio-based ingredients company that is commercializing a proprietary upcycling process. BioVeritas’ products have industry-leading efficacy and quality intended for innovative companies seeking natural solutions for food preservation, human and animal health, and industrial materials. For more information on BioVeritas, please visit

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