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BioVeritas unveils new production and packaging facility in Bryan

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -City leaders came together on Tuesday to celebrate a brand-new production and packaging facility that will open its doors in Bryan.

BioVeritas unveiled they are bringing cutting-edge technology to our community that will impact the food industry across the nation.

The company’s goal is to use upcycled, all-natural ingredients that will allow products on store shelves like bread to stay fresh longer.

“We are looking to place a whole new class of natural, clean-label mold inhibitors into the marketplace,” said Dave Austgen, BioVeritas CEO.

Austgen said their technology will allow bakeries to remove petroleum products that are currently put into bread and replace them with their all-natural ingredients.

“Everybody who eats a loaf of bread that’s been sliced and is on the shelf is eating bread with a mold inhibitor in it,” he said. “Our bread inhibitor happens to be natural, happens to be produced by fermentation, so it’s a cultured product and therefore we are not using any petroleum-based materials.”

“They are taking technology that literally derived from Texas A&M and putting it into production here,” Bobby Gutierrez, Bryan’s Mayor, said. “It’s a new product. They are coming out and making our food products all natural, all safe and from food scraps.”

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