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CEO of BioVeritas to Present at 2024 ADI Forum in Houston, Texas

Updated: May 24

Industry expert, David Austgen, to discuss the newest fermentation technology and how clean label, upcycled ingredients benefit food production

BRYAN, TEXAS, USA, February 12, 2024 / --BioVeritas, LLC., a bio-based ingredients company pioneering a proprietary upcycling process, today announced that David Austgen, chief executive officer, will present at2024 ADI Forumon February 22, 2024 in Houston, Texas. Mr. Austgen will speak in Session Panel 5 at 3:20PM PST at Norris Conference Center.

Mr. Austgen will join fellow experts Steve Brown, president of Chemstations, and Uday Turaga, founder & chief executive officer of ADI, for a panel discussion focusing on innovative technologies and processes that bolster the growing movement towards sustainability and decarbonization.

“BioVeritas has created a game-changing product for the food ingredient market that is a step-change improvement from the petrochemical-based options currently available,” stated Mr. Austgen. “Our technology, which we call the BioVeritas Process, is a platform technology that can do far more than food. It enables us to play in many markets currently served by petrochemical-based short and medium-chain fatty acids. These carboxylic acids can be readily converted to other classes of organic chemicals including esters, aldehydes, trigyclerides, alcohols, amides, nitriles, diols, olefins and hydrocarbon fuels. This enables a commercialization roadmap that leads from high growth, high-value food ingredients to specialty chemicals and fuels – and in a way that’s far more sustainable than the petrochemical incumbents.”

BioVeritas is currently shipping samples for qualification at manufacturer plants. For more information on BioVeritas’ solutions and service details,

BioVeritas, LLC is a portfolio company ofAra Partners, a private equity firm specializing in industrial decarbonization investments.


About BioVeritas, LLC

BioVeritas, LLC, headquartered in Bryan, Texas, is a bio-based ingredients company that is commercializing a proprietary upcycling process. BioVeritas products have industry-leading efficacy and quality intended for innovative companies seeking natural solutions for food preservation, human and animal health, and industrial materials.

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About Ara Partners

Ara Partners is a private equity firm specializing in industrial decarbonization investments. Ara Partners invests in the industrial & manufacturing, chemicals & materials, energy efficiency & green fuels and food & agriculture sectors, seeking to build businesses that provide significant decarbonization impact. It operates from offices in Boston, Houston and Dublin. As of June 30, 2023, Ara Partners had approximately $4.4 billion of assets under management.

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