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Upcycled cultured extract extends shelf life

03.14.2023 By Jeff Gelski A third party efficacy study performed by Great Plains Analytical Laboratory found BioVeritas’ cultured extract mold inhibitor displayed equivalent efficacy, when measured in days of shelf life, in wheat tortillas when compared to calcium propionate derived from petrochemicals. The BioVeritas cultured extract also extended shelf life by an average of nearly 30% in bread loaves and wheat tortillas when compared to another clean label competitor.

The trademarked BioVeritas Process creates the mold inhibitor by upcycling excess and unused foods that serve as feedstocks. Broken pasta, which otherwise would go to animal feed, compost or landfill, is one example. “An effective replacement for petrochemical ingredients must deliver both a true clean label experience for the consumer and high efficacy for the producer,” said David Austgen, chief executive officer of Bryan-based BioVeritas. “Our mold inhibitor will be a leading clean label solution that does both, delivering on the clean label promise for both consumers and manufacturers.”

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